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About Balloons

World BalloonHere at Air Flair considering the environment is important to us.  You may be interested to know that all our Qualatex latex balloons are 100% natural latex and once used will biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf - that’s in about 6 months.  They are made from natural rubber latex sap which is tapped from the rubber tree whilst the tree continues to grow.  Helium is the gas used to make balloons float as it is lighter than air.  It is the second most common element in the known universe and is an inert and non-toxic gas.

ABalloon Release latex balloon filled with helium will float for approximately 24 hours as the tiny helium particles slowly escape through the larger pores in the latex.  When a helium filled balloon is released outside it rises in the sky to a height of about 5 miles and then becomes brittle and shatters into tiny pieces, falling back to earth to fully biodegrade!

Helium has recently increased in price and is in shorter supply so we aim to offer a wide range of air filled as well as floating decor for every budget.  Air filled decor also lasts longer as the air particles are larger than helium so take longer to escape through the latex balloon.  Both air and helium filled foil balloons last longest of all and we have a great selection of these.

Always take care with balloons!  Remember children can choke or suffocate on un-inflated and broken balloons so adult supervision is always required.Warning  Take extra care with children under the age of eight.   Helium gas must never be inhaled as it depletes the body of oxygen and can cause injury or even death.  Please be aware that whilst latex allergy is rare it can seriously affect some people, so ensure that you consider these things as you plan your event.

Balloons are so versatile, they represent celebration and can bring joy, they attract attention and brighten up every occasion however big or small,- they really are the natural choice!