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Types of Decor

Welcome to Air Flair's balloon range!  A selection and price guide of our decor is shown below.  Each item will be tailored to your colour and design specifications; the combinations are endless!  Our decor will be set up at your venue by our trained team and we can also return to remove your decor after your event should you require.  Bespoke arrangements are also available on request.  Browse our gallery tab for ideas and inspiration - every picture in it and all photo banners on this website are our own work!

Qualatex latex balloons are used in our decor for the highest quality.  These are the best professional grade and result in longer lasting decor, all with excellent colours and selection. Qualatex Logo


Enquiries and Ordering

Please look at our range below and get in touch through our Contact Page, by telephone, by emailing us or via our Facebook page, and we will be happy to help!


Balloon Size Guide

Balloon Size Reference Guide  ~ We use 11" large (middle) and 16" extra large (right) helium quality Qualatex balloons in our decor for an impressive display.  These can be seen here in relation to a standard 9" diameter balloon (left)


Delivery Charges

Free delivery in Shrewsbury (minimum order £15) and free delivery in Shropshire on orders of more than £200.  A delivery charge will apply on other orders made at 40p per mile, including if required, for a return journey following your event to collect stands and other equipment belonging to Air Flair used in your decor. Collection is welcome for small orders.


Floating Balloon Centrepieces and Bouquets for Tables or Floor

~ A wide range of printed balloons are available for special ages, anniversaries and occasions as well as all plain colours of your choice (for printed latex balloons please add 25p per balloon to the prices below unless stated otherwise) 


Foil Balloon  from £3

A single large foil balloon on a ribbon and small weight, perfect as a gift or for a celebration. Plain or in 100's of designs to choose from for all occasions!  Enquire for designs

Air Flair Confetti Balloon

Confetti Balloon  £3

A floating clear latex balloon on a ribbon, with tissue confetti settled at the neck in your colour choice. Add a small weight for 20p. Please note float time is reduced due to the confetti (expected average of 6 hours)

3 Latex Balloon Centrepiece

3 Latex Balloon Centrepiece  £6

A traditional arrangement using 11" latex balloons which adds height and interest to small to medium sized rooms, on a weight.  Add balloons to maintain the proportion in larger rooms

+ £1 per additional balloon

Air Flair Double Bubble

Double Bubble  £7

Fabulous floating Double Bubble balloon in your colour choice with baby balloon collar, matching ribbon and weight. Or add tulle instead of ribbon for £1 extra.  Printed extra-large outer balloons are available, and arrangements of Double Bubbles too - please enquire for details and prices

Property of Air Flair Foil Centrepiece

3 Foil Balloon Centrepiece  £12

Eye catching large 18" wide foil balloons available in many designs and plain colours, on coordinated ribbons and a weight.  Foil balloons have a longer float time than latex balloons

+ £3 per additional balloon

Jumbo Foil Balloons

Extra-large Foil Balloon on weight  £12

2 and a half foot diameter foil balloons are long lasting and have loads of impact for making a statement! Star, Round & Heart shapes are available in various colours

3 16 Inch Latex Centrepiece

3 Extra Large Latex Balloon & Tulle Centrepiece  £15

An unusual and striking display of extra large 16" balloons in clear, clear-patterned or coloured balloons tied with tulle to a weight

+ £4 per additional balloon with tulle

Mixed Latex and Foil Bouquet

Mixed Latex and Foil Bouquet  £3 Base Price

Build your own size of Mixed Bouquet of 11" plain / printed Latex, 16" Latex and Foil Balloons on a weight.  These look great for parties or as lovely gifts

+ £1 per 11" Latex + £3 per 16" Latex / Foil

Party Bunch

Party Bunch of Plain Latex Balloons  £20

15 large floating balloons in any colour choice, great for celebrations and children's parties so you can place them where you wish - and guests could each take one home at the end! (we can add small individual weights for 20p each, and printed balloons for an extra charge)

+ £1 per extra plain balloon

Air Flair Jumbo Round Latex Balloon

Jumbo Round Balloon  £20

A stunning floating 2 and a half foot diameter round latex balloon on a ribbon or tulle and weight in your choice of colour. These make a fantastic impact and photo opportunity at weddings and celebrations. Tassel tails and shimmer tails also available - please enquire for prices


Arches ~ for Entrances, Walk Ways & Feature Tables to draw the eye to the desired focal point of any event

Air Flair Number Arch

Number Arch  From £24

Add a statement display to your celebration with 3 foot high floating numbers on a String of Pearl Arch in your colour choice.  Arch with 1 digit is £24 and arch with 2 digits is £36

Small String of Pearl Arch

String of Pearl Small Arch  £24

This floating arch of 15 balloons can highlight a special table and is ideal for drawing attention to a wedding cake, present table, doorway or other feature

Linked Table Arch

Linked Balloon Table Arch  £26

This linked balloon floating arch needs no frame or line and has clusters of baby balloons at every connection

Walkthrough Linked Arch

Linked Balloon Walkthrough Arch  £29

A floating walkthough arch with clusters of baby balloons at each connection and matching base balloons with curly balloons

String of Pearl Arch

String of Pearl Arch  £39

This majestic and traditional floating arch is more than 20 foot wide and looks fantastic on a stage, behind a top table or behind a buffet table

Spiral Arch on Frame

Spiral Arch on Frame  £99

This spiral arch can be made in up to four colours and is ideal for doorways and entrances for an amazing welcome!

Column and Double Bubble Arch

Column & Double Bubble Doorway Arch  £99

Highlight your entrance with two 6 foot spiral columns topped with a floating arch of Double Bubbles (balloon inside a balloon)

+ £5 per additional Double Bubble

 Air Flair Heart Arch

Walkthrough Heart Arch  £99

Make a spectacular statement with 160 balloons in this entrance or walk way arch in your colour choice (one colour) + Refundable £50 deposit for frame required

Air Flair Spiral Arch

Spiral Arch  From £125

Truly add the wow-factor to any event with this arch of over 160 balloons perfect for a top table, entrance, stage or dance floor. For indoors only


Topiaries & Columns ~ Impressive ways to mark entrances and decorate space

Table Topiary

Topiary Centrepiece  £15

A topiary ball of baby balloons set on a decorated stand with a curly balloon stem and matching baby balloons at the base - all in your chosen colours and perfect for elegant tables

Topiary Tree

Topiary Tree  £19 each / 2 for £35

A topiary ball of large balloons atop a decorated stand of matching baby balloons with tulle and ribbon.  Ideal in a pair to mark an entrance or in pairs to line a walk way

Floating Topiary

Floating Topiary  £25

This elegant floating and floor standing topiary decoration has two topiary balloon balls connected and anchored by matching tulle.  Versatile for marking out an area, or where different heights are required for effect

Linked Columns

Linked Balloon Columns  £29 per pair

Two 6 foot floating columns topped with an 18" foil balloon with clusters of baby balloons at every connection, available in many colour combinations

Spiral Column

Spiral Column  £39 each / 2 for £75

A 6 foot spiral column topped with a double bubble balloon, or top with 3 foot high foil numbers for £5 extra per column. These look fantastic as a pair for entrances or at table ends to draw the eye to the focus point

Square Packed Column

Square Packed Column with Party Top  £39 each / 2 for £75

This 6 foot square packed column is topped with a 'party top' of long balloons in co-ordinating colours, and is sure to be a talking point!


Statement Pieces ~ Add some extra flair to your event with our speciality decor

Table Swag

Table Swag  £25

This eye-catching swag of tulle with matching bows at each end and the centre point is finished with baby balloons, and will really highlight your buffet or top table, all in your colour choice

Flower on Stand

Flower on Stand  £19

This double sided flower stands at over 5 foot tall and is supported on it's own stand with balloon 'leaves' and in any combination of petal colours

Floating Flower

Floating Flower  £24

A beautiful double-sided floating flower arrangement on a coordinated weight all in your balloon colour choice

Cloud 9

Cloud 9  £20

A beautiful cloud of floating balloons topped with a double bubble. Three Cloud 9's linked with tulle look fantastic behind a top table or buffet table - £55

Circle of Hearts

Circle of Hearts  £49

An unusual and eye-catching 3 foot diameter circle of intricately linked baby balloons in your colours surrounded by heart balloons and finished with a tulle and ribbon bow

Champagne Bottle

Champagne Bottle  £49

A 6 foot inflated champagne bottle with a cascade of more than 80 'bubbles' to the floor which can be extended to form a walkthrough arch if desired!  Refundable £40 deposit for the Bottle is required

Ceiling Fill

Ceiling Fill  £99

100 large balloons of your colour choice floated to the ceiling of your venue with their curled ribbons trailing - really creates an atmosphere!

Dance Floor Canopy

Dance Floor Canopy  £250

4 spiral columns linked with 4 string of pearl arches which create a striking and memorable feature perfect for marking an area such as a dance floor


Party Pieces ~ Unusual and fun decorations suited to a wide range of events

Bunch of Hearts

Bunch of Hearts  £7

A bunch of 6 heart balloons of your colour choice on green balloon stems, all gathered in a balloon bow

Baby Balloon Mini Column

Baby Balloon Mini Column  £9

A mini column made in your choice of baby balloon colours topped with a foil balloon - 100's of designs available!  At over 2 foot tall these make super gifts or a great way to decorate a party table 

Balloon Fish

Floating Balloon Fish  £10

A brilliant floating fish with an extra large balloon body and big fishy eyes all on a ribbon and weight. Many colour combinations available,- looks great in a shoal!


Floating Dummy  £10

A fun floating dummy in your choice of pink or blue handle featuring an extra large balloon and with a matching weight


Octopus  £10

This octopus has an extra large balloon body and eight curly balloon tentacles and can be floating or sat on other decor!  Looks great sat on it's own 6 foot column - £49

Foil Number

Floating Foil Number or Letter  £10

A jumbo 3 foot high floating foil number or letter balloon.  This is tied to a weight and is eye-catching on its own or as part of other decor, such as on top of a balloon column or within an arch. Please enquire for available colours.

Table Character

Table Character  £12

This happy chap comes holding a large floating balloon and will be made in your choice of colours

Air Flair Birthday Mini Column

Birthday Mini Column  £12

A mini balloon column of numbered balloons topped with a foil balloon.  This stands at over 3 foot tall and can be a mix of these 6 colours as shown, or in a spiral pattern of up to 4 colours of your choice


Tiger  £18

Complete with stripey body and curly tail, this tiger is over three foot tall and loves parties!

Air Flair Zebra

Zebra  £18

This cheeky Zebra is over three foot high and comes with a stripey body and black balloon hooves!


Monkey  £20

This curly tailed cheeky monkey is over 3 foot high and is sure to grab attention!  Add a floating balloon for £1 per balloon


Giraffe  £25

This happy giraffe is 6 foot tall and makes a fantastic gift or party decoration!  It can hold floating balloons like in this picture too (add £1 per balloon)

Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam  £30

When Fireman Sam appears at your party you know you're in safe hands!  He stands at over 6 foot tall, and he's long lasting and will delight guests young and old


Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse  £32

Your very own Mickey or Minnie Mouse made of balloons!  Standing at over 6 foot, your mouse is long lasting and is sure to be a very popular addition to any event or occasion!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree  £35

This Christmas Tree is over 5 foot tall and consists of more than 70 balloons.  It is long lasting and looks great joining the festivities, with your choice of star and balloon bauble colour

Air Flair Palm Tree

Palm Tree  £45

At over 7 foot tall, this balloon palm tree looks very tropical complete with palm fronds.  Available in your colour choices even all black, white, silver or gold!